F10SC is a total spectrum disinfectant that, unlike other strong disinfectants on the market, has no adverse side effects on people, animals, or on equipment and surfaces. It is ecologically friendly and biodegradable, and carries a wide range of registrations and approvals from around the world.

A Veterinary disinfectant containing quaternary ammonium and biguanidine compounds which achieves a broad spectrum kill of potentially harmful micro-organisms such as, bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. F10 SC has an added detergent to give it a capacity to be a one-step combined product for light duty cleaning and disinfection in routine hygiene applications. It is used for effective and safe general disinfection of animal housekeeping procedures e.g. food and water bowls, blankets, bedding, towels, cages, kennels, pens, baskets, stables, transport boxes, flooring (birds). It is also used for special situation disinfection e.g. parvovirus, “catflu”, ringworm, distemper and snuffles.

  • Do not mix with soaps and other chemicals.
  • Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children.
  • For general disinfection use 2ml in 1litre of clean water.
  • For High level disinfection use 4ml in 1 litre of clean water.


  • Kills all types of pathogen – F10SC is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal.
  • Minimal chance of microbial resistance due to F10SC’s unique benzalkonium chloride and polyhexamethylene biguanide combination of actives and mode of action.
  • Rapid kill times – less than 30 secs for gram positive bacteria, 60 secs for gram negative bacteria, Canine Parvovirus 20 mins.
  • Successfully tested against avian influenza (bird flu) viruses at a concentration of 1:500 in 10 mins.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-tainting, non-irritating, aldehyde-free.
  • Highly cost effective.
  • Biodegradable & ecologically friendly.
  • Tried, tested, independently verified and documented, and approved around the world.

How to Dilute F10Sc

  • General disinfection of hard surfaces: dilute 1:500.
  • High level disinfection: dilute 1:250
  • For the most resistant viruses (eg parvovirus): dilute 1: 125.
  • How long will 200ml of F10SC disinfectant last?
  • If you use 2L of a workable solution per day for High Level Disinfection, you will have enough F10SC for 25 days.
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 145 × 85 × 40 mm